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Zul, Reborn is the sixth encounter in the Uldir instance and is a 2 encounter focusing heavily on priority add targeting and management in the first phase, and careful raid positioning within decreasing available encounter area during the second phase.

Raid Composition

  • 2-3 Tanks
  • 4 Healers
  • 13-14 DPS





Shadow Barrage

A single target shadow damage cast constantly by Zul, which also leaves a dot on the player. Not interruptible. Zul will also melee but this constant cast makes it not feasible to reposition him.

Pool of Darkness

A pool will form at a random location in the encounter area that must have a player stand it in to soak damage. This will deal moderate damage to the player inside, but if no player is inside the pool, it will pulse for raidwide damage instead.

Dark Revelation

10 second debuff on player that does damage that decreases by range when it expires. Also spawns Minions of Zul upon expiration.

Call of Blood

Zul will continue summoning further waves of adds throughout the course of phase 1.

Nazmani Crusher (add)

Has a frontal cone that must be pointed away from the raid. Upon reaching 100 energy, casts Thrumming Pulse which increases damage of any enemies, including Zul, within a 30 yard radius.

Nazmani Bloodhexer (add)

Casts Bloodshard which will always target the lowest health player currently in the encounter with high damage. This ability can be kicked.

Spawns Animated Ichor which travel towards Zul and heal him if they reach him.

Have a Sanguine Presence aura such that if 2 Bloodhexers are ever within 20 yards of each other, they will heal all enemies, including Zul, for 10% every 2 seconds. This is essentially a wipe.

Bloodthirsty Crawg (add)

Heals for 200% of damage done with their melee attacks. At 100 energy will explode despawn causing a high a damage dot to all players in the raid for 10 seconds.

Role Tips


As of the more recent testing, Zul does not need to be tanked during this phase. In a general sense, one tank should be responsible for Bloodhexers and one tank should be responsible for Crushers. When 2 Bloodhexers are present at the same time it will still be preferable to hard cc the second until the first dies, so that interrupts and killing Animated Ichors from the second one will not be necessary. Whichever tank picks up crawgs should be largely irrelevant, so whichever is closer to where they spawn.

Note that there are visible blood pools around the edge of the encounter area that show where adds are spawning.


Special attention should be paid to players soaking Pools of Darkness and dropping off Dark Revelations, especially if they also get targeted by Shadow Barrage.

If an entire set of Crawgs explodes from reaching full energy it is almost certainly a wipe, but if a single Crawg explodes, the pull can most likely be salvaged with a healing cooldown.


Positioning & Strategy

In a general sense raid should stay in the central area of the platform so that no one will be too close to assigned dark revelation drop off points.

Phase will consist of trying to kill adds in a priority order as follows: Bloodhexers, Crushers, Crawgs.

Between dealing with all the adds, getting any uptime on the boss is difficult during this first phase with the hp and spawn rate as it stood during the beta test. If this does not change, it will be critical to try to tank the Bloodhexers and Crushers near Zul when it is safe to do so, for extra cleave damage. For the crushers leave them near the boss until the highest energy point you can safely get them 30 yards away from Zul before they reach 100 energy. For the Bloodhexers, if they will be able to be immediately focused, pull them next to Zul and kill before spawning Animated Ichor, otherwise leave them away from Zul until they spawn their Animated Ichor, then move them in. With normal raid dps, and being top priority they should die before a second cast of Animated Ichor. An interrupt rotation of 3 players should be assigned to Bloodhexers while they are alive.

Pools of Darkness should be soaked by whatever range dps or healer is closest.

Minion of Zul spawns from the Dark Revelations can be mass dispelled to instantly kill the whole pack, or the newly changed arcane torrent can destroy them as well. Single target purges would be a last resort.

All mobs in this phase can be cc'd and even hard cc'd (polymorph/paralyze/etc). This can be a critical process in the case of 2 tanking, as 2 blood hexers must never be within 20 yards of each other. 3 tanking could possibly be a less error prone option, but unless the damage requirements to stay ahead of the add spawns while actually getting DPS on Zul change, giving up the damage to 3 tank does not seem viable.

Add Spawn Timers

  1. Crawgs: 50s
  2. Bloodhexer: 1:08
  3. Crusher: 1:30
  4. Crawgs/Bloodhexer: 1:36
  5. 2 Bloodhexers: 2:14
  6. Crawgs: 2:24
  7. Crusher: 2:33
  8. Crawgs: 3:07
  9. Bloodhexer: 3:17
  10. Bloodhexer/Crusher: 3:40
  11. Crawgs: 3:55
  12. Bloodhexer: 4:21
  13. Crawgs: 4:38
  14. Bloodhexer/Crusher: 4:43

Phase 2



Phase begins with a moderate length knockback from Zul, avoid being near edges of platform. Any remaining adds from p1 should be finished off before focusing Zul and Pools of Darkness from phase 1 will continue during phase 2. Additionally there are the following mechanics:

Corrupted Blood

A stacking debuff that never expires for the remainder of the encounter. Gained from the following sources: Locus of Corruption at the start of the phase, and stepping into a Blood Pool dropped by the tanks.

Locus of Corruption

Upon entering the second phase, Zul will inflict stacks of Corrupted Blood on the raid equal to 1 stack per 5 energy he has when entering the phase.


2 selected players will lose control of their characters and walk towards the edge of the platform that is closest to their current their current location and attempt to jump off. This ability can and should be dispelled. When dispelled it will do ae damage to the raid reduced by range, and spawn Minions of Zul just like Dark Revelations from phase 1.

Blood Pool

When the tank dot expires, it will leave a massive Blood Pool circle centered on the tank's location at the time of expiration. Stepping in this pool will add stacks of Corrupted Blood to affected players.

Role Tips


Tank swapping should not occur immediately upon application of dot, but instead with just enough time left for the affected tank to run to the edge behind to drop the Blood Pool. Probably around 6s depending on the type (speed) of the tank.


Constant raid damage throughout phase, and bursts after Death Wish explosions. Dispels on death wish will have to be visually watched to see when they are close to the edge, and lifegrips used if both players are too close together. They will not be able to use any personal defensives as they are mind controlled. Mass dispels/dispels (and arcane torrent from anyone) will be needed for the Minion of Zul spawns afterwards.


Positioning & Strategy

Upon first entering the second phase Zul will perform a medium distance knockback. Players should be careful to be positioned ahead of the 40% mark such that they are not knocked off the platform (people dropping Dark Revelations) or placed in front of the boss, as he will immediately start using his tank cleave, and affected non-tank players will drop Blood Pools as well.

Before focusing on Zul, any remaining adds from p1 should be finished off. It will be best to try to transition with as few adds as possible due to the soft enrage from running out of encounter space via blood pools.

Boss should be tanked in the exact center of the platform. Positioning needs to be exact during this phase so that players affected by Deathwish do not get sent in directions in front of the boss, and into Blood Pools. Tanks should drop blood pools behind them, and raid should attempt to form a semi-circle behind the boss such that the chance 2 players will be sent in the same direction with deathwish will be lowered.

In the case that 2 players are sent in a similar direction with Deathwish simultaneously, lifegrip can be used to pull one player player back while the other is dispelled.

Pools of Darkness must still be soaked as in phase 1.

Other Info

Wombo Combos

Phase 1 to Phase 2 transition

This transition is the most critical moment of the fight. Any remaining Bloodhexers or Crushers will be difficult to deal with as they must still be kept away from Zul for Thrumming Pulse and Animated Ichor respectively, but now tank swapping and dropping Blood Pools must begin.

Further, any adds that have begun spawning (the pools around the side of the room where they will spawn) will still spawn during phase 2.

2 Bloodhexer spawns present

This will be a critical moment of the fight, where the second Bloodhexer spawn -must- be hard cc'd upon spawning and kept away from the existing Bloodhexer. The healing done to Zul if they get close together is essentially a wipe.

Also note that crawgs will spawn 10 seconds after this double spawn, and a Crusher will spawn 19 seconds afterwards, with a good chance both Bloodhexers will still be alive at early gear levels.

Pool of Darkness Soaking/Deathwish

If the player who is soaking the pool of darkness in phase 2 is chosen by deathwish such that they are considerably out of optimal positioning, they might end up walking through the tank cleave/blood pools. It might be best to just keep them alive long enough to walk off the edge instead of dispelling in this case. If they do -not- head through those mechanics, healers will need to be extra attention to when they are close to the edge as it might be much sooner than usual.

When to Lust?

Recommend lusting in phase 1 given current tuning. Any time lust can afford getting ahead of the adds in phase 1 such that there is any free time to dps Zul, will greatly reduce overall fight length. Also, the quicker phase 1 goes, the fewer stacks of Corrupted Blood will be placed on the raid going into phase 2 via Locus of Corruption.

If however, the raid is running out of space in phase 2 from Blood Pools, or is having difficulty very quickly finishing off any remaining adds at the start of phase 2, there may be no choice but to swap it there.

Possible Changes from Beta to Live

Journal now says that only one Minion of Zul is spawned per Dark Revelation debuff in phase 1. Phase 2 deathwish still says 'several'. This would certainly remove a level of chaos from the first phase, and help with any group that does not have 2 mass dispels available. As of last testing the number of Minion spawns in p1 did seem reduced to 3 (in a full sized raid), but still does not match journal entry.