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Vectis is the third or fourth encounter in the Uldir instance on Mythic and is a two phase alternating phase encounter with low movement requirements and a single occasional add spawn that needs to be killed with burst during the primary phase, and lines to dodge and ground circles to soak during the intermission phases.

Raid Composition

  • 2 Tanks
  • 4-5 Healers
  • 13-14 DPS



Primary Phase (90 seconds)


Lingering Infection

A debuff that adds 5% nature damage taken per stack. Never expires. Affects how much damage is taken from Contagion.

At 6 stacks, causes a pulsing nature damage ae cast for 3 seconds after each Contagion cast from Vectis.

At 12 stacks players will spawn Engorged Parasites when struck by Contagion which must be tanked and quickly killed as they will explode at 100 energy and add a further stack of Lingering Infection to everyone in the raid.

At 25 stacks, the player will explode for massive raidwide damage, and is essentially a guaranteed wipe.

Omega Vector

10-second dot that applies a stack of lingering infection to the target when it expires and jumps to the closest player.


Raidwide ae damage that is weak by itself but is increased by the number of stacks of Lingering Infection a player has.


Stuns player, pulses ae damage in 5 yard radius, and spawns Plague Amalgan add upon ending.

Plague Amalgan (add)

Will cast immunosuppression which puts a healing absorb on the raid. This cannot be interrupted.

Role Tips


Boss has a stacking debuff, that leaves a stacking 12 second nature damage dot on the affected tank. Taunt when stacks wear off, which will be at 3-4 stacks.


Early in the fight damage from Contagion will be low, but towards the end it will be getting very high. Planning a healing/damage reduction/healthstone cooldown rotation to be begun at whatever point the healers feel they are falling significantly behind between contagion casts should be done. There are 6 casts per primary phase, so about 15 seconds apart.


Positioning & Strategy

Boss should be tanked near pull location for primary phase, and moved back for additional primary phases, as this will help with reusing same color markers.

Raid should be split into 4 groups in either a square formation with 2 groups containing melee, and 2 entirely range groups behind them in a square, or in a square surrounding Vectis in which all 4 groups can be in melee range. Using this second formation, extra care must be taken to have the Omega Vectors not land on the tanks.

The goal will be to keep stacks sufficiently spread such that no player is above 6 stacks going into the second transition, and only range players are above 6 stacks going into the third transition. Note that immunities cast at the end of the Omega Vector cast can stop the stack of Lingering Infection from being applied.

Range with above 6 stacks should stay behind their assigned groups at an angle that they are still closest to that group. Melee with above 6 stacks can stay stacked except for the 3 seconds immediately following Vectis’s contagion cast, where they must be spread.

Plague Amalgan adds must be killed before their second cast of Immunosuppression or healing will become unmanageable.

Gestate ae damage is considered inconsequential and is not moved for, allowing more attention to be paid to making sure Omega Vector stacks are landing on the players they should be.

Phase 2

Intermission Phase


Omega Vector from the primary phase will continue to be cast during the intermission and the following mechanics will also be present:


Boss becomes a pool of blood and will move to an opposite corner of the room. Touching this pool will add a stack of lingering infection.

Blood Geyser

Rays of blood will head towards raid members from Vectis while he is in liquified form. Being touched by these rays will do moderate damage and add lingering infection stacks.

Plague Bomb

Circles will form on the ground that must be stood in by a single player (damage is not split) to keep plague amalgam adds from spawning when the circles expire. Standing in the circle will cause upfront damage and leave a dot on the player.

Positioning & Strategy

Upon first entering the transition the raid should quickly finish off the last plague amalgan from the primary phase and be sure to sidestep Vectic in liquified form as he heads to his new location.

About the time the amalgan should die, the plague bombs will need to be soaked by a single player each.

Raid should be very vigilant about dodging Blood Geysers, especially in the case they are close to Vectis's location where it will be nearly impossible to dodge the quick moving rays in time. Immunities are recommend while soaking close.

There will be 2 waves of these plague bombs, after which Vectis will reform at his new location and the primary phase will resume.


Role Tips


Help soak plague bombs but be wary of gaining too many lingering infection stacks as the tank debuff is nature damage as well.


Watch for spike damage on people soaking Plague Bombs especially if they are close to Vectis's liquified pool, where they will likely be hit by Blood Geysers as well.

Other Info

Wombo Combos

Transition from Primary Phase to Intermission

Shortly before the intermission, the third add will spawn and will need to be finished off during the start of the transition, also the last contagion will go off immediately before the transition, making it harder to heal the raid back up as they spread out.

Plague Bomb close to Liquified Vectis

Dodging the Blood Geysers is difficult in this case, and personal damage reductions or even externals can be of assistance.

When to Lust?

Recommend lust at the start of the fight. As usual in a fight without special damage bonuses, this works out the best for overall damage, and the shorter the fight is, the less lingering infection stacks will go out, making the fight significantly easier towards the end when stacks pass the 6 (and perhaps 12) threshholds.