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This is this first fight in Uldir and it is a three phase encounter with two very similar phases separated by an intermission. In the first phase, the raid will be facing Taloc on a tight platform and need to be careful with positioning while placing blood storm pools, to not run out of space that will be needed in this phase and during the second phase.

In the second phase, which begins when Taloc hits 35% health, it becomes apparent this platform is an elevator. Taloc kneels in the center of the platform and becomes 99% resistant to all damage. The raid will instead be dealing with 2 types of adds, as the elevator descends: coalesced bloods which must be tanked and killed, and volatile drops, which should be cc’d and soaked.

When the elevator reaches the bottom, the final phase begins, which will last from 35% health to death. This phase is much like the first phase, except the area the raid has to work with for dropping pools is now much larger, and volatile drops will continue spawning during this phase.


  • 2 Tanks
  • 4 Healers
  • 14 DPS





Plasma Discharge

Players affected by Plasma Discharge will drop 3 Blood Storm pools every 2s, starting 4 seconds after debuff is cast.

Cudgel of Gore

Taloc throws his cudgel at the current main tank’s location, which does high damage that decreases with range. Soaks Blood Storm pools within an 18 yard radius. Cast at 100 energy.

Sanguine Static

A wave of bolts shoot from boss towards the raid that do moderate damage and a knockback. Currently too quick to reliably dodge. Position such that you will not be knocked back into a Blood Storm pool.

Positioning & Strategy

Boss should be tanked in the direct center of the platform. Raid should be very loosely within one ‘pie segment’ as extending from the boss.

During the Plasma Discharge cast, affected players should attempt to stack blood pools as tightly as possible within the current segment, while unaffected players rotate to a new segment, where the affected players will rejoin the raid afterwards. With this positioning there should be very little concern about Sanguine Static knocking you into pools, or the Retrieve Cudgel ability going through the raid.

The tank should use the cudgel cast to clear the segment of the circle that is farthest from the current raid location.


Role Tips


No tank swap needed, second tank basically unnecessary at this stage


Raidwide burst damage with cudgel cast, and extra burst on tank. Does not appear that raid cooldowns are necessary for cudgel of gore casts as long as raid can move sufficiently far from epicenter.

Phase 2

(Lasts ~1:25)


Combustible Fuel

When a volatile drop is exploded from either reaching their target or being intercepted, they do significant ae damage and a knockback (currently negligible) in a 5 yard radius.

Uldir Defensive Beam

Laser Beams that deal lethal damage every .2s and are present across the elevator shaft as the elevator descends. You must angle your camera to look downwards to see where they will intersect the platform and avoid them.

Coalesced Blood (add)

Add with high health that must be tanked and will drop Blood Storm pools occasionally while it is alive.

Volatile Droplet (add)

Add with low health that fixates on random players in the raid. Cannot be knocked back or stunned but can be slowed. Will explode on contact with their target or any other raid member who intercepts them.

Positioning & Strategy

Raid should stay fairly tightly stacked along the outer edge of the platform, close to, but not right up against the edge of the existing pools, and rotate around the remaining clear edge of the platform when this area gets covered by new pools from the Coalesced Bloods.

Occasionally the elevator platform will pass laser beams in the shaft, these should be constantly looked for by people angling their cameras downward, and called out when the raid needs to rotate to avoid them.

Raid should focus coalesced blood, and perhaps throw slows at the volatile drops so that the offtank can trigger them further away from the group. If one is getting dangerously close to the group, and the offtank will be unable to be in range to trigger it before it reaches the group, they can be killed quite quickly.

If a volatile droplet does cause an explosion near the edge of the platform, you can quite easily be knocked off the elevator. This is survivable if you do not hit laser beams on your way down and have a way to mitigate the fall damage.


Role Tips


One tank should tank the Coalesced adds that spawn as near to the existing edge of pools as possible, as these adds will drop more pools. Second tank should be intercepting volatile droplets, to have them explode preferably not within 5 yards of any other raid member.


Significant raid damage especially on melee who will have to move out of newly formed Blood Storm pools while killing the Coalesced Blood adds. Offtank will also be taking heavy damage throughout this phase as they will be not only soaking the Volatile Droplet explosions, but will be commonly moving into Blood Storm pools to do so.

Phase 3



Phase is primarily the same as 1 with the following changes:

  1. Any adds left from the end of p2 will still need to be killed off before focusing on the boss.
  2. Volatile droplets from p2 will continue spawning throughout the remainder of the encounter.
  3. Room is significantly larger than p1a, so pool placement does not need to be as precise or necessarily soaked with Cudgel of Gore as often.

Positioning & Strategy

Boss should be taken near the outer edge of the lower area and the raid should stack fairly tightly right behind him. Any remaining Coalesced Blood from phase 2 should be tanked behind the boss as well, somewhat behind the raid as to not drop pools directly on the raid.

Raid should drop Blood Storm pools from Plasma Discharge along the outer edges of the encounter area behind/beside the raid. As this area fills up, the tank will rotate the boss around the circle, to repeat the process.

Keeping fairly tightly stacked will make it more plausible for the offtank to be able to soak all of the volatile droplets that will continue to spawn during this phase.

During the early portion of this phase, the tank will likely not need to use Cudgel to soak pools, as there is more space available in p3 than should be necessary. Instead they can run backwards away from the raid just to minimize Cudgel of Gore distance reduced damage. Near the end of the phase, if the raid has filled a majority of the available circle of the area, the tank will be able to still run away from the raid to clear pools behind him.


Role Tips


One tank will handle the boss, the other will be responsible for popping volatile drops.


Possible significant ae damage from volatile drops that manage to reach the raid. Does not appear that raid cooldowns are necessary for cudgel of gore casts as long as raid is sufficiently far from epicenter.

Other Info

Wombo Combos

Closest thing to a wombo-combo on this fight is dealing with the remaining p2 coalesced bloods during the start of 3. This amounts to more than having extra targets, as it will be especially helpful to have dps players cooldown soak volatile drops while these coalesced bloods are still up and both tanks are occupied.

Possible Changes from Beta to Live

Triggering the Volatile Droplets intentionally by walking over them was working very poorly as of the latest Beta test. It is assumed this will be corrected for Live, but if not, the strategy will have to change to focus on killing them instead.

When to Lust?

Initially I would recommend starting with lust on pull. As per usual, that works out the best for overall dps.

However, the final phase of the encounter is a quite viable alternative as well. Even though there is more space available in p3, there is likely to be a few deaths during progression which can make this phase long enough you could still have issues with space, especially if using the strategy described here where simplify positioning by not using all Cudgels of Gore to clear Blood Storm pools.

Also phase 3 lust would allow quicker cleanup of the remaining phase 2 Coalesced Blood going into phase 3, which occupies the offtank who needs to be quickly freed to worry about soaking Volatile Droplets.