Raiding Schedule

Generally speaking, we are a two nights/week progression raiding guild. Our schedule might change depending on raider availability or patch release dates, but these occurrences are rare. We hold optional raids on Sunday evenings which might include farming lower difficulties of current raids, achievement runs, or other activities that we can do as a group.

Progression Raids:

  • Tuesdays 5PM-8PM Pacific
  • Thursdays 5PM-8PM Pacific

Optional Raid:

  • Sundays 5PM-8PM Pacific

Required Addons

We ask that all new and current raiders have the following addons up and running prior to joining a guild raid (click the titles to go to downloads):

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

DBM is an absolute necessity for every raider. This will help you monitor and manage all mechanics during encounters. If you wish to join us in raids, you MUST have this addon. Bigwigs is also a viable alternative, but the vast majority of the guild uses DBM, so we highly recommend you follow suit to avoid any addon confusion.

WeakAuras 2

While WeakAuras might not be necessary for every encounter, it can be absolutely necessary for others, and we encourage every raider to utilize this addon for their own personal gain. WeakAuras is highly versatile and can be very useful for monitoring class cooldowns, procs, etc.


This addon assists the guild officers in figuring out how loot will be distributed. All raiders must have RCLootCouncil so they can be included in the loot distribution process.

Loot Distribution

More info coming soon.



When it comes to raiding etiquette, Group Two follows a set of guidelines to ensure we remain a proper raiding atmosphere for the type of players we want to have (An atmosphere that welcomes players who are serious about progression, but don't have a lot of time to devote to it.).  The following list is the set of guidelines we follow:

  1. If you have questions about a raid encounter that comes up before raid, please ask the raid leader or a raiding adviser prior to raid.  They will be happy to answer your question.
  2. If you have any questions about your class or any class mechanics in game, don't be afraid to ask another member within the guild about it.  If there are no other players in the guild that player your class or there aren't any that don't play the spec in question, raid leaders and raiding advisers would be happy to help you out.
  3. During raid, if you have a suggestion about a strategy we are attempting on a boss, please whisper the raid leader or a raiding adviser about it.  
  4. If you are struggling with a specific encounter mechanic or just aren't performing well overall during raid, do not be afraid to ask others for help.
  5. You must be able to take constructive criticism well.  Do not feel bad if a raid leader calls you out for poor performance.  We all make mistakes, and are in the raid as a team. The raid leader is simply trying to help you.
  6. If you want to help a player out by giving them some tips or help on a fight during raid, please whisper that person individually or notify the raid leader.
  7. Destructive criticism is not allowed in Group Two.  Please do not shame fellow raiders in a malevolent manner.  If you are just joking with someone saying, "lol you suck," or anything of the sort, and the player the comment is directed at tells you to stop, please do so immediately.  
  8. If you join a raid, you are expected to raid for the entire night.  If you cannot raid for the entire evening, please notify the raid leader ahead of time.  Only if an emergency arises in the middle of a raid (Suddenly feeling very ill, your house is being robbed, etc.) is leaving during raid without notifying the raid leader ahead of time, acceptable.  
  9. Ninja leaving during a raid if no emergency is occurring might result in a possible demotion.  If you ninja leave twice while no emergency is occurring, you will be removed from the guild.
  10. If you are having difficulty with a raid mechanic and you just can't seem to deal with it after several attempts, you may ask the raid leader if there is any way you can switch duties with another person in raid.  If there is no one else available in the raid or on standby to handle your duty, you must stay in the raid and continue to attempt to overcome the mechanic.


During Tuesdays and Thursdays each week from 5:00 pm server time to 8:00 pm server time (8:00 pm EST to 11:00 pm EST), Group Two works on progression-focused raiding.  This means we are doing the feasibly highest raid difficulty for the guild to currently do. Throughout each raiding tier, progression raiding will start out on Heroic difficulty, then switch to Mythic as soon as the raid's item level reaches a proper threshold to begin Mythic raiding, or the guild has cleared the instance on Heroic difficulty already.


During Normal/Heroic raiding, everyone who is considered a raider within the guild is allowed to raid,  as long as they are able to pull their own weight. If a player is not able to do so during a raid and holding the rest of the team back, they may be asked to leave for the evening for the sake of progression.  We can take up to 30 players for Normal/Heroic raiding (as Normal/Heroic scales up to 30 players). The progression nights will be focused on Heroic difficulty only until the team has cleared the raid on Heroic difficulty, or has a high enough item level to begin Mythic raiding.  Normal raiding is only reserved for Sunday nights (see the section below).


During Mythic Raiding, 20 players will be able to raid at a time.  Mythic difficulty does not scale like Normal and Heroic difficulty, so we have no leeway with our player amounts in Mythic.  We will typically (especially on progression) players raiders who are the most capable and bring the most attractive class into the raid for the specific encounter.  We also try and make sure that players who need loot off farm bosses get in for the bosses they need to get their desired loot. Composition typically isn’t as important on farm.

If a raider wants to step out or be on standby for a raid, please make sure you have a way to contact the raid leader if you are needed (being logged on in game, WoW Armory remote app, raid leader has your email or cell phone number, etc.).


During Sunday evenings from 5:00 pm server to 8:00 pm server (8:00 pm EST to 11:00 pm EST), an optional raiding night will take place that will be on the difficulty that is one level lower than the current progression difficulty level.  So, if the progression team is on Heroic difficulty, Sunday nights will be normal difficulty, and if the progression team is on Mythic difficulty, Sunday nights will be on Heroic difficulty.

It is not required for any raider to show up for these raids, but it is suggested to at least show up on occasion to help support the team (ie. If you don't want to show up to these things, showing up once a month to them would be considered "occasionally.").  The purpose of these raid nights is to give rotational players an additional night to do if they so desire, to keep gear flowing, and hunt down raid meta achievements. You may ONLY bring in an alt to the Sunday night raid if your main needs no gear from the raid the team is doing.

Sunday night raids will use a simple /roll need/greed system that will be managed by the raid leader.