Mythrax is the seventh encounter in the Uldir instance and is a 2 phase encounter revolving around stack management of a critical debuff, applied from a variety of mechanics in both phases.

Raid Composition

  • 2 Tanks
  • 4 Healers
  • 14 DPS



Primary Phase

(Occurs 4 times: 100-75%, 75-50%, 50-25%, 25-0%)



This is the primary debuff that must be managed throughout the encounter by all raid members. Each stack reduces maximum HP by 1% and ticks for a small amount of damage every 3 seconds.

Existence Fragment

When a player is struck by a mechanic that grants stacks of Annihilation, they will spawn Existence Fragment spheres nearby. Each sphere will remove 2 stacks of Annihilation.

Obliteration Blast

Mythrax will shoot a beam towards a player dealing medium damage and granting 8 stacks of Annihilation to anyone caught within.

Oblivion Sphere

These spheres will spawn around the encounter area and immediately charm anyone within a 5 yard radius around them. Players charmed will gain a stack of Annihilation every 2 seconds. Charmed players can be removed from Oblivion spheres via knockbacks, deathgrip, or doing damage, which does a small knockback per hit, while under the effect of the Oblivion Sphere.

When a player is freed from a Oblivion Sphere, they will inflict moderate raidwide burst damage.

Imminent Ruin

A 12 second dot that causes a high damage explosion when it ends, that is reduced by range. Also, any players within 12 yards of the explosion will gain 4 stacks of Annihilation.

Essence Shatter

During the last phase 1, Mythrax will cast Essence Shatter at 10% health, after which no more Existence Fragments will spawn.

Role Tips


Upon application of the Essence Shear debuff, the tank swap should occur and the tank who just swapped off of the boss should gather Existence Fragments to keep stacks low. Be prepared to be back near the boss when it is time to swap again.


Burst raid healing will come from Imminent Ruin explosions and freeing players caught in Oblivion Spheres. The general background raid healing will increase over time as the annihilation stacks increase.


Positioning & Strategy

Boss should be tanked against north wall of the encounter area. Melee should be loosely spread around the sides and behind the boss, with the range loosely spread in the center of the encounter area. Staying loosely spread is critical to minimize the number of players affected by each spawning Oblivion Sphere.

Players targeted by Imminent ruin should go to the southeast and southwest corners of the encounter area.

Players with lower than average stack counts can attempt to intentionally get hit by the Obliteration Blast to spawn more Existence Fragments to be used by the tanks.

Existence Fragments should be saved for the tanks, and players with higher than average Annihilation stack count.

Phase 2

Intermission Phase

(Occurs 3 times: 75%, 50%, 25%; lasts 1 minute from end of Xalxaix's Awakening cast)


Phase begins with Mythrax casting Xalxaix's Awakening, this will spawn 2 Oblivion Spheres and then cause a moderate raidwide burst damage, and apply 10 stacks of Annihilation to everyone in the raid. Mythrax will take 99% reduced damage during this phase.

From this point, none of the phase 1 mechanics happen, but the following new mechanics are of importance:

Obliteration Beam

Mythrax will target a raid member and cast Obliteration Beam in their direction. This beams deals low damage, but ticks very quickly (.3s) and applies a stack of Annihilation per tick.

Visions of Madness

Will spawn a number of clones of raid members depending on raid size, that will cast Mind Flay at members of the raid. This mindflay will slow affected players and is a low damage dot. This cast cannot, as of current testing, be interrupted, but it can be stunned.

N'raqi Destroyers (adds)

2 N'raqi Destroyer adds will spawn around the encounter area that must be kept at least 40 yards away from each other or they will gain the Critical Mass aura and take 80% reduced damage and deal 80% increased damage.

These adds do Essence Shear just as Mythrax does in the primary phase, so they must be faced away and the raid must be careful not to be caught in the frontal cleave.

They will also cast Void Volley which does raid-wide moderate damage, but can and should be interrupted.

Role Tips


Keep the N'raqi Destroyer adds far from each other, and try to minimize any ticks of Obliteration Beam without pointing the frontal cleave towards the raid.


There will be a significant burst of damage at the beginning of p2 from the Xalxaix's Awakening combined with the players that must be freed from the Oblivion Spheres. One healing cooldown per beginning of transition phase for general stability at this point is probably advisable.


Positioning & Strategy

Players should be out of the center of the encounter area of they will be knocked back while Mythrax performs Xalxaix's awakening.

Raid should stay spread because of the 2 Oblivion Spheres that will spawn at the beginning of this phase, but should try to stay as 'tightly' spread as can be safely done, to keep the Visions of Madness spawning close to each other.

N'raqi Destroyers should be quickly picked up by the tanks and kept far from each other, and one should be marked to be killed before the other to minimize the number of tank stacks that will be generated. The one that is to be killed second will still need assigned interrupts for Void Volley.

More Visions of Madness will spawn so raid should still try to stay relatively close together, but definitely not just stacked due to the Obliteration Beam.

If one of the Destroyers is still alive at the end of this timed intermission phase, it will need to be quickly killed during the start of the next phase 1.

Other Info

Wombo Combos

Obliteration Blast in your direction while dropping Imminent Ruin

Good time for personal cooldown usage.

Remaining Adds coming from intermission phase back into primary phase

Should be killed quickly as the tanks will still need to tank swap on the boss. Players must remember to mind other mechanics such as staying spread for Oblivion Spheres while finishing off these adds.

When to Lust?

Depending on how quickly the boss dies on live you will either want to lust at the beginning of the encounter just for overall speed, or save it for around the 10% mark for when Essence Shatter is cast and you are in a race against the growing stacks on your tanks that can no longer be reset.

One more option would be if you are falling significantly behind on add damage during the third transition due to raid deaths. This would not be helpful if you are still on the first or second transition, as if you are significantly behind on dps at that point, lust will not help, as the same situation will occur again at the next transition.

Possible Changes from Beta to Live

Nothing notable. Original testing had only 1 stack removed per existence fragment, and a kickable fear from the Destroyers instead of Void Volley, but this was already updated in the later testing.