MOTHER is the second encounter in the Uldir instance and is premised around the concept of strategically moving her between 3 rooms that make up the encounter area before each room reaches full energy and kills the raid.

What makes moving her between rooms non-trivial is that each time a raid member crosses from one room to the next, they do raidwide damage and spawn in the room that is crossed into that must be tanked, and kept from casting.

Raid Composition

  • 2-3 Tanks
  • 4 Healers
  • 13-14 DPS




Cleansing Purge

The room itself will start gaining energy, and when it reaches full energy will cast Cleansing Purge and continually pulse extremely high damage to anyone still in the room. Not being out by the time this occurs is essentially a wipe.

Purifying Flame

Fire pools will spawn under every member of the raid, and must be moved out of before they activate. As with any other similar ability, be proactive and make sure you will not be trapped and unable to move quickly enough to avoid other players pool spawn locations.

Wind Tunnel

Wind will push players towards one end of the room, where a pit of fire will be located during this ability. Each cast of this ability will alternate directions, which is an important consideration in the final room.

Clinging Corruption

When crossing to the next chamber, adds will spawn that will attempt to cast Clinging Corruption. If this cast goes off, it will do very high raidwide damage and place a dot on the raid as well. These casts should be interrupted/stunned/etc at all cost.

Role Tips


No tank swap should be needed. The stacking tank debuff comes from Sanitizing Strike which can be dodged. However, using 3 tanks on the chance the primary tank does take a stack of Sanitizing Strike, can afford much greater error recovery if the dps loss can be afforded. Off-tank will tank adds in next chamber, with priority for tanks with above average aoe damage and/or stuns.


Raidwide burst from players crossing force field to next room is significant when 3 or more cross in close succession. Raid leader should try to pay attention to overall raid health when calling for next group to cross. One trick here is that ground placement heals can heal across the force field (just via the portion of the radius that is on the other side, not that it can be placed on the other side). Barrier is also useful for sending larger groups across


Positioning & Strategy

Boss should be tanked in alcove near the forcefield to the next room, preferably facing towards the outer wall of the alcove to reduce chance of melee getting hit by the frontal cleave ability during the wind tunnel ability.

Melee should stay tightly stacked behind the boss whenever possible, so that when Purifying Flames spawn, the entirety of the hitbox is not surrounded and uptime is not lost.

Range can stay spread in the main portion of the chamber, keeping in mind which direction the next wind tunnel cast will come from. Warlock gates are useful spanning the length of the room.

Movement to the next chamber should begin soon after encounter is begun, likely after initial cooldown burst window. MOTHER takes 100% increased damage in the final chamber so, barring not having her low enough to finish off before the final chamber reaches full energy, the sooner the third chamber is reached, the better.

The first group to cross to the second chamber should be the offtank, and either 2 dps, and one healer. I recommend one of the dps which is able to avoid the add spawn via an immunity or blink.

After the adds are dead, players should be sent in groups of 2, and occasionally 3. Groups of three are preferable when there are further available players able to avoid the add spawn, . Healers should be staggered to be every 5th player to cross as closely as possible, with the boss tank moving in the last group.

Phase 2

(Second and Last Room, encounter ends at 10% health)


Same mechanics as the first room with the boss taking 100%(!) increased damage in the last room and the following new mechanic:

Uldir Defensive Beam

Two types of laser beams will be present in these chambers which the raid must dodge. The first type is a line of lasers with a hole in it (think vault of the wardens last boss) that will spawn at the north or south end of the chamber and then quickly cross the room. The second type is a group of lasers that will fall from the ceiling covering the entirety of the chamber except for in a line that will be visible via glowing yellow circles that should be stood in.

Positioning & Strategy

Boss positioning should no longer simply be in the alcove between rooms as the tank must navigate around the Uldir Defensive Beam as well. Care should be taken to which direction the wind tunnel will blow from next, so that the raid can be ready for an overlap of Wind Tunnel and Uldir Defensive Beam.


Other Info

Wombo Combos

Purifying Flame/Uldir Defensive Beam Overlap

Care should be taken to not stand in a long line across the safe area, but to try to stay more stacked, so that there is room for everyone to move from the pools without leaving the safe line.

Wind Tunnel/Uldir Defensive Beam Overlap

If the wind tunnel occurs directly after the ceiling beams blowing towards the side of the room the safe zone was on, the raid will be very close to the fire pit from the wind tunnel. Movement cd should be saved for this case.

When to Lust?

Lust in the final chamber with the 100% damage bonus is certainly the way to go.

Possible Changes from Beta to Live

Nothing sticks out in the journal as notably different than latest testing.