G’huun is the final encounter in the Uldir instance and tests the raid in multiple ways with add management, a critical dps race phase, and special jobs that must be performed by a subset of the group.

Raid Composition

  • 2 Tanks
  • 4-5 Healers
  • 14-13 DPS



(Before G'huun activates)


Blood Shield

Rapidly heals G’huun and makes him essentially immune to damage throughout this phase.

Explosive Corruption

A 4-second debuff that will leave a patch of Blighted Ground under the player when it expires. Also will expel Virulent Corruption Orbs that will travel away from the Blighted Ground location and apply Explosive Corruption to anyone hit.

Power Matrix (important!)

Orb on the upper platform which can be picked up by raid members. Slows you by 20% for every 2 seconds you hold it. Can be thrown to another player or deposited in the Reorigination Drive to restore 35 energy to the drive. Places Imperfect Physiology on player who originally picked up core (but not those thrown to) that makes it so they can not pick up core again for 5 minutes.

Reorigination Blast

Cast when Reorigination Drive reaches 100 energy (so 3 deposited Power Matrixes). Does raidwide damage every 6s for 24s and also damages all enemies present. Also stuns G’huun and all adds present, and places a debuff on them that increases all damage taken by 100% for 24 seconds. G’huun does not become active however, until the end of the first Reorigination Blast that signifies the beginning of phase 2.

Unclean Contagion

Low background damage aura for being on the upper platforms.


Cyclopean Terror

Casts Torment which is a 15-second channel that increases in damage over the duration and is interruptible.

Dark Young

Will cast Massive Smash which should be mitigated by the tanks. Also casts Dark Bargain at 100 energy. Dark Bargain will increase damage done, healing done, and damage received by 25% for everyone within a 10 yard radius for 30 seconds. This effect ‘stacks’ but getting a second stack will cause you to be mind-controlled.

Blightspreader Tendril

Casts Decaying Eruption for raidwide AOE and is interruptible. Will change locations upon reaching 0 energy.

Amorphous Cyst

Create a ground effect around themselves on the upper platform that slows you and causes damage if you enter it. Damaging them will shrink this zone temporarily, but they can not be killed.


Positioning & Strategy

A team of 3 players will be required to place the Power Matrix cores in the Reorigination Drive during this phase. These will spawn alternatively on the left, then right. Any given player can only pick it up a single time. If at all possible all 3 players involved should be of classes most helpful to depositing the cores due to their movement utility, with Warriors and Monks being ideal, and Warlock gateways being critically important but not necessarily needing to be a part of the team as they can be dropped ahead of time.

If 3 players not able to solo deposit the Matrix are available in the raid, further players will need to be assigned to pass to.

In the lower area, the raid should prioritize killing Blightspreader Tendrils as they are more dangerous and more critical to interrupt than the Cyclopean Terrors. The Cyclopean Terrors should be the second priority, and the Dark Young should be brought near whatever the current top priority target is for cleave damage. The reason for the Dark Young being lowest priority is to get the most use out of the Dark Bargain buff they provide possible, but players must be careful not to obtain 2 stacks.

When a player is affected by Explosive Corruption they should get as close to the walls of the arena as possible, to give the rest of the raid as much time to react and dodge the Virulent Corruption orbs as possible. This ability going off near the center of the encounter area can quickly cause a raid wipe chain reaction.

Add Priority

  1. Blightspreader Tendrils
  2. Cyclopean Terrors
  3. Dark Young

Role Tips


The Dark Young are the primary target for tanking during this phase, and must be tank swapped after each cast of Dark Bargain to avoid the other tank becoming mind controlled. They should be brought near the current high priority target for cleave damage.


The Reorigination Blast that signifies the beginning of phase 2 causes very high raid damage, and will likely be a time for 2 chained cooldown/damage mitigation combos as it occurs over a 24-second period.

Phase 2



Phase begins with a Reorigination Blast, this will require cooldowns to keep the raid healthy, but will also clear out the existing adds, making properly timing the transition less important. G’huun will activate at this point and phase one adds will stop spawning. Explosive Corruption will continue from phase one and the new mechanics are as follows:

Wave of Corruption

Wave emanating from boss will do splash damage, knock players back, and apply Putrid Blood stacks.

Putrid Blood

Permanent dot stack applied by Wave of Corruption. Can only be removed by Blood Feast.

Blood Feast

Stuns random target for 8 seconds. After expiring removes putrid blood stacks from all players within 8 yards, and spawns an add whose strength is determined by the number of Putrid Blood stacks removed.

Gibbering Horror (add)

Casts Mind-Numbing Chatter which does raidwide damage and a 3-second silence to everyone. The damage and HP of this add is increased by 5% for every stack of Putrid Blood that was removed to spawn it.

Positioning & Strategy

Raid should spread out to avoid splash damage from Wave of Corruption and extra Putrid Blood stacks, but an open area near the lower area walls should still be for players with Explosive Corruption to be able to drop their debuffs with sufficient distance so that the rest of the raid will have time to react and dodge the orbs.

It is likely for optimal stack removal usage of Blood Feast either 1/2 or 1/3 of the raid should remove stacks at a time as you do not want the buff the add receives to grow too high.

If the melee can be mindful with the timing of the next Wave of Corruption they can help kill the Gibbering Horror adds, otherwise the range should be responsible for them.

For phase two usage of the Reorigination Drive, a good possibility, depending on tuning, is to do just one more Reorigination Blast shortly before going into phase three and to combine that with Lust to make phase 3 as short as possible. 2 of the 3 people involved should be the same optimal runners from phase 1, and whether 1 to 3 other people will need to help out picking up the Power Matrix from its starting position, will depend on how long phase 2 lasts.


Role Tips


The tank swap mechanic on G’huun increases damage done to the tank for every consecutive attack G’huun lands, and is thus immediately reset by tank swap. Tanks should swap as quickly as possible without making G’huun go taunt immune. Unclear from testing if Gibbering Horror add needs to be tanked, but if so, should be pulled under G’huun so tank swap can continue as normal. Also it is possible tanks need to reset Putrid Blood stacks as well, but it is more optimal if they can avoid it, to lower the number of buffs the add receives.


During testing, tank damage was extreme from G’huun. While it will certainly be lower on live, it is likely they do intend to tune it substantially high.

Be mindful of the 3 second silence from Mind-Numbing Chatter from the Gibbering Horror adds.

Cooldowns should likely be saved for when the raid plans to next use the Reorigination Blast.

Phase 3



Phase is much like phase 2 but is now a dps race as Putrid Blood stacks can no longer be removed, and there are a few additional mechanics:


Upper platform is destroyed upon entering this phase, and the ceiling of encounter area starts falling. Being caught under the falling ceiling is lethal and damage reduces over distance depending on how far you are from the targeted location.

Malignant Growth

These will form in random locations around the encounter area and explode for extreme damage to anyone within 8 yards.

Gaze of G'huun

A 6-second fear if you do not turn away from the boss.

Role Tips


Should be primarily the same as phase 2, but there will be no further Gibbering Horror adds. Falling ceiling damage from Collapse, Malignant Growths, and the fear from Gaze of G’huun should be watched for.


Reorigination Blast will likely be used going into this phase (if it functions normally when activated right before the threshhold) which will require healing cooldowns and not many will be left for the rest of the encounter. Any that are spare afterwards (or if Reorigination Blast does not function directly before p3) should be used liberally as the mechanics here are meant to be overwhelming.


Positioning & Strategy

In general the raid still needs to stay spread for Wave of Corruption as much as possible during this phase, however, this will be made difficult as there are now a wide variety of randomly placed mechanics that must also be moved away from and a turn-away mechanic in Gaze of G’huun that will occupy multitasking bandwidth.

Along with the Virulent Corruption orbs that have been present throughout the encounter, the ceiling will now be collapsing in spots that must be moved away from, and preferably farther than ‘just out of them’ as they do falloff damage. And on Heroic there will be Malignant Growth spots that must be avoided as well.

All of this will lead to Putrid Blood stacking faster than optimal, with no way to remove it, and the encounter becomes a hard dps check to the finish.

Other Info

Wombo Combos

Phase 2 to Phase 3 transition (if using Reorigination Blast)

Timing of this transition will be important so that the players on the upper platform attempting to get a final blast out of the Reorigination Drive are down before the Collapse happens, but that it is as close to the 25% mark as possible, and that everyone maintains enough health to survive the high damage.

Other wombo combos currently unknown as testing has only reached the very beginning of phase 2.

When to Lust?

Recommend lusting combined with Reorigination Blast. Depending on if the first person or all people to touch Power Matrix cores get the debuff on live, you might only get one Reorigination Blast during phase 2. If that is the case, still recommend using it shortly before p3, to multiply the effects of lust/blast/execute phase damage, while minimizing time in the dangerous (but already short) phase 3.

If it is possible to get more than one blast, using it earlier in p2 (though you will still need to wait a considerable length of time for debuffs unless you have excellent redundancy on people able to run the cores) could shorten overall encounter length by getting you to execute phase sooner.

Possible Changes from Beta to Live

The tank damage from G’huun during testing will certainly be lowered on live, but expect it to still be tuned high. Possible considerable other changes, strategy is essentially conjecture for phase 2 and 3 as no real testing has been done for these phases.