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Fetid Devourer is the third encounter in the Uldir instance and is a straightforward single phase primarily single-target encounter with an enrage starting at 50%.

During this encounter, the raid must position well to handle long length knockbacks, wide cone breaths that will be pointed towards the raid, and quickly splitting damage between 2 high priority targets that must both die before their ability casts are finished.

Raid Composition

  • 2 Tanks
  • 4 Healers
  • 14 DPS




(Only Phase)


Shockwave Stomp

Deals moderate raidwide damage and knocks everyone back a large distance.

Malodorous Miasma/Putrid Paroxysm

A weak dot that is placed on random raid members throughout the fight, this dot will last 18 seconds and then transform into Putrid Paroxysm that is a strong dot that will last 6 seconds. You can also gain stacks of Malodorous Miasma/Putrid Paroxysm by standing in the alcoves while Waste Disposal Units are active, or by being caught in the Rotting Regurgitation breath cone.

Enticing Essence/Consume Corruption

Corruption Corpuscles will spawn in a random 2 of the 6 alcoves around the room. Which alcoves they will spawn in is made extremely obvious by the Waste Disposal units above them pouring waste into the alcove. Raid should not be in alcoves except immediately after Corruption Corpuscles spawn, as standing in the stream of waste will infect you with Malodorous Miasma.

Rotting Regurgitation

At 100 energy the Fetid Devourer will turn to face the raid and cast a breath cone. This cone can and should be avoided, as it will do high damage, a knockback, and place a malodorous miasma/putrid paroxysm dot on those caught within.

Fetid Frenzy

At 50% health, the Fetid Devourer will enrage and deal 25% more damage and take 50% more damage for the remainder of the encounter.

Positioning & Strategy

Boss should be placed in front of one of the four inner walls that separate the 6 alcoves in the room. Any of these should be as good as any other for positioning purposes. Raid should stand directly behind the boss such that when the knockback occurs they are knocked into the opposite partial wall to lose as little boss uptime as possible and not risk being in an alcove when the Waste Disposal Units activate. Rotting Regurgitation will be simple to dodge in this setup most times as well, but watch out for overlap with Corruption Corpuscle spawns.

Alcoves should be raid marked ahead of time, such that mid-pull calls can be made to split dps evenly between spawning corruption corpuscles.


Role Tips


Boss does not have stacking debuff, but a second tank is still required to stand directly on top of the main tank, as every 4th melee hit, the boss will strike the closest other player with Terrible Thrash dealing 300% of normal melee damage.


Be prepared for individual burst healing on players with the 6 second Putrid Paroxysm dot, especially if this coincides with a Shockwave Stomp. Tank damage is likely to be notable after the 50% health enrage.

Other Info

Wombo Combos

Putrid Paroxysm/Shockwave Stomp Overlap

This is an excellent time for a personal defensive cd. Healers should be aware of the extra attention needed for this as well.

Corruption Corpuscles/Rotting Regurgitation Overlap

This is a good time for movement cds. Some ranged dps assigned to the other spawning corpuscle, not in the path of the breath, might want to switch if the melee are going to lose uptime to this.

When to Lust?

Lust after the 50% health enrage. Depending on how cooldowns line up with kill times, either hold off cds before reaching 50%, or wait a short while after enrage for most cds to be up, to use lust.

Possible Changes from Beta to Live

Nothing sticks out in the journal as notably different than latest testing.